Cambridge Weight Plan provides flexible weight loss programmes to both women and men through our Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants, who will give you one-to-one support on your weight loss journey.

The secret of our success? Cambridge Weight Plan is not only nutritionally balanced, but it also gives you much more flexibility and choice than other weight loss options. The Plan comprises a six-step programme that combines an easy-to-follow eating plan, and some realistic and practical lifestyle changes, with the ongoing advice of an accredited Cambridge Consultant®.

Cambridge Weight Plan is about more than just losing weight - it’s also helping you reassess your future approach to food. By making small, simple changes and sticking to them, you can completely change your life. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

All six stages of Cambridge Weight Plan have been devised to help you develop a healthy relationship with food, freeing you to achieve the body, as well as the confidence, you desire.

We’ll get you there - and help you stay there!
To help you reach your goal, we’ve put together a tried-and-tested eating programme that’s nutritionally balanced and expertly designed to give you a clear and easy plan to follow.