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Sujitha Peace Alagan    




Sujitha Peace Alagan’s stats

Start weight

75 kg

Current weight

55 kg

Total loss

20 kg




Shirley Tsu

In August 2014 was my most challenging year as I meet with a major motor vehicle accident. I was bed ridden for 1 month and suffered from severe back ache and neck pain. I was struggling to even sit up or stand leading to poor movement causing extreme weight gain. Pain killers were my only source of treatment. And thus it added to my increase of appetite. I was diagnosed with spinal (injury) contusion and sciatic nerve contusion (cervical, thoracic and lumbar injury), and adding to my weight I was having knee locks (knee stiffness, which are symptoms of osteoarthritis. Being young adult, I was unable to move, run, dance or walk fast like others.

Sitting at home for 1 and half month on medical leave added 8kg to my pre-existing weight. I turned out to be 78kg which worsened my lumbar injury and knee pain. Even after spending money on plenty of physiotherapy sessions, which gave temporary relieve for few hours, yet I was unable to do simple exercises (not even carrying a light dumbbell of 0.5kg, or simple movement, thus you may understand the amount of pain I went through!!).

As I resumed back to work, travelling to my clinic one way 45minutes daily, I had compressing back pain all the way from my neck to my hips and I would lie flat the moment I reach home. I couldn’t even bend and do a simple sweeping or washing! I felt paralyzed and had numbness up to my feet with poor blood circulation and ankle swelling. My profession as a Doctor I need to lead a healthy lifestyle before I approach others to lead one. Accusations from my patients were making me more ill. I have done entire medical test to resolve my obesity issue and tried products to lose weight despite being afraid of the side effect on my kidney. None worked.

I was lost and I didn’t know what to do. In view off my pain and all my clothes outfitted me I felt depressed, stopped social interactions, and family gatherings.

At my first visit to center, I met my consultant Shirley Tsu, and asked her 'can I lose just 5kg, with a smile on her face she said ‘you will definitely lose more than you expect’ in all her confidence.

Cambridge is the best drink I have ever had, it’s mouth-watering, filling and flexible, it’s very convenient to have anywhere and anytime. I’m confident because it’s approved by government and is based on excellent researchers, published in British Medical Journal which proves that there is no side effect, and above all guarantee weight loss. My consultant was ever ready to assist and motivate me to reach my goal and all these gave me a great confident about CWP.

I lost 3kg in my first week, in a month I lost 7kg on Sole source program. I was extremely joyful because I regained my sensation at my gluteal region and no ankle swelling. After losing 10kgs, I had no spine pain at my neck and back, I could do any activity with no restriction. My work life was happier-being able to move freely without pain in my knee and spine. All these happened in such a short period of time in just 1 and half month which is a miracle.

Every week I was seeing a difference in my size and weight. I was able to participate in dance programs non-stop 30mins of dancing which was impossible after my accident! Now I can travel as far as I want and I am pain-killer free and no longer require physiotherapies.

My patients and family are happy that I succeeded. I am more confident now than before in dressing and carrying myself out. I am able to think fast, move fast, and am able to get up from a seat faster than before. I have regained my beautiful life which I lost; and now all things are possible. Currently as a Consultant am able to see my patient life transform as they enroll in CWP and say goodbye to Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoarthritis and etc.

I have achieved 20kg reduction in 4 months but I have complete redemption from my accusations, Depression leading to mental stress, knee locks leading to osteoarthritis, cervical and lumbar pain which were limiting my daily activities and my muscular aches.

Maintaining with Cambridge is very easy! I am maintaining my ideal weight for more than 1 year; I have no regret for taking Cambridge as my meal replacement as there is no rebound and am healthy. From size XXL to S/M, Hip size 36 to 26, dress 14 to 8/10!! I thank God, my family, my consultant and Cambridge for making my life beautiful and productive! Recipe to success is CWP and will power!


Badrul Ihsan Bin Mahidin    




Badrul Ihsan Bin Mahidin’s stats

Start weight

95.3 kg

Current weight

61 kg

Total loss

34.3 kg




Dr Fiona Seraphine Ch'ng

My name is Badrul Ihsan bin Mahidin. I am 54 years old.

I am a high school teacher in the state of Perak in Malaysia. Since 2013, my life has undergone a massive metamorphosis. I was an athlete and a field hockey player in school. While in college I continued my sports activities and represented my college in hockey and rugby. That was my life 30 years ago but everything changed when I began my career as a teacher.

My teaching activities were closely related to physical education but I felt more like a “preacher who did not walk the talk”, I was not practicing what I taught. That was indeed very ironic. My unhealthy lifestyle made me gain tremendous weight. From a mere 60kg, the scales tipped to a massive 100kg in a matter of just 7 years, from 2006 to 2013. Over the past 10 years, I have been shying away from the public eye due to my physical appearance.

In 2013 was the turning point in my LIFE!
I came down with a terrible fever, immobile for 4 days. That incident was something unforeseen in my life. I had been working for more than 30 years hardly taking more than a day’s leave from work. I went for a thorough medical checkup. I was afraid I would be introduced duly to the 3 most common diseases – diabetes, hypertension, cholesterolemia – all of which is related to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, by the grace of the ALMIGHTY, the doctors confirmed that I was free from any chronic illnesses. But I was warned that at 95.3kg, I was graded as obesity Grade II - my BMI was 36, double of which it should be, and I was told it could lead to other health problems.

As a result of that appointment, I contacted Dr. Fiona whom I happened to meet through my wife, at a clinic in my hometown.

A month after on CWP programme, which comprised three parts -  consuming half a sachet of shake during breakfast; having a normal controlled lunch; and consuming another half sachet of shake for dinner - I lost 5kg.

During the second month, I began to feel more comfortable with CWP.
My weight decreased to approximately 61kg after 10 months on CWP, which meant I lost a whopping 35.3kg.  My waist line reduced from 44 to just 32 inches.
My shirt size came down from a XXXL to M size.

After going through CWP for 18 months, my medical records showed impressive and astounding results. My LIVER ultrasound showed that from the previously “FATTY LIVER”, I now have a “NORMAL LIVER”. Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and Triglyceride levels reduced. My fasting sugar level which read as “PRE-DIABETIC” changed to NORMAL. My level of ALT, AST and GGT Liver Enzymes, which was initially raised, also showed NORMAL readings. My FT4 Thyroid hormones that was diagnosed as “SUB-CLINICAL HYPOTHYROIDISM” became NORMAL. Inflammatory indicators such as WBC and ESR showed reduced levels.

Before I had OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA, today I do not snore during sleep anymore.
I was also a borderline Hypertension patient with a BP of about 140/90 and today my reading is about 120/80. My resting pulse rate has reduced from 87bpm to 65bpm. Today, I am totally free from “OSTEOARTHRITIS”. I was also experiencing “PLANTAR FASCITIS” (pain in the heels) much due to “CALCANEAL SPURS”, now I can run long distances pain free. Gone were the days when I also suffered a decreased “LIBIDO”. Today I feel like a young man once again who is active and healthy.

I am determined to bring my weight down to 58kg in the near future. CWP has changed my 30 years of sedentary lifestyle to an active one. It has turned me to an endurance runner. It was beyond my wildest imagination that I could run non-stop for 21km but that is just what I did recently, running a half-marathon!
My goal is to run a full marathon before I reach the golden age of 60.

I feel more confident from all aspects of life – I am healthier, psychologically and emotionally stronger. I face the world with enormous enthusiasm!

I’d like to thank my Cambridge Consultant Dr. Fiona who has been my Angel!
I would like to Inspire others to attain a healthy lifestyle. I hope that with my achievements, I am able to motivate and influence others to take up the challenge to be FREE from Illnesses.